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Fruity Chocolates Gift Box To You ( Pear,Red Grapes, Chocolate Pack , Chocolate Cookies)

Fruity Chocolates Gift Box To You ( Pear,Red Grapes, Chocolate Pack , Chocolate Cookies)

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Fruity Chocolates Gift Box To You ( Pear,Red Grapes, Chocolate Pack , Chocolate Cookies)

Loaded Sweetest Fruity Chocolates Love Gift Box

Each one thoughtfully curated with good stuff that is sure to delight. Available as an add-on with any bunch or as a standalone gift.
Customise Fruity Gift Box To You by your own now: 

❤️FRUTTI Chocolates Gift Box To You
➡️Build-a-Box needs a minimum of 2-3 add-on items to checkout, and can hold up to a maximum of 8 items. The box looks great with 5 items.

FRutti Chocolates Gift Box**RM15**

➡️Go big or go small, it's the thought that counts. Happy curating!

❤️Selection As Below:
Selection RM 15
*Red Apple 🍎
*Green Apple🍏
*Pear 🍐
*Orange 🍊
*Banana 🍌

Selections RM30
*Kiwi 🥝
*Red Grapes 🍇
*Green Grapes 🍇
*Plum 🍑
*Cherry Tomatoes 🍅
*Mini Mandarin Oranges 🍊

Selection RM 40
*Blueberry 🫐
*Cherry 🍒
*Avocado 🥑

❤️Selection As Below:

🍫 Chocolates Pack RM10
*Bar Milk Chocolates
*Cube Dark Chocolates
*Cube White Chocolates
*Cube Milk Chocolates
🍫 Chocolates Jar RM 20
*Dark Almond Chocolates
*White Almond Chocolates
*Green Tea Almond Chocolates
*Feraro Rocher Set of 6pcs 
*Kit Kat Set of 6pcs

🍭 Sweet Lolipop & Candies RM10
*Lollipop Strawberry Flavor
*Lollipop Starry Sweet Flavor
🍭 Sweet Lolipop & Candies Jar RM 20
*Whistle Candy

🍪 Cookies Pack RM 10
🍪 Cookies Jar RM 20
*Chocolates Chip Cookies
*Walnut Cookies
*Butter Cookies

🍰 Handmade Cake RM 20
*Fruit Cake
*Chocolates Almond Cake
*Carrot Walnut Cake

🌰 Healthy Tidbits Jar RM20
*Roasted Whole Almond
*Roasted Walnut

Gift Box As Per Picture***Flowers is not included*** 

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